On the 22nd of January, USIM together with KPT, MAKUMA, and I luv Islam held a seminar about career plan for students. A limited number of students participated in the seminar. Luckily, Food Biotechnology were able to send two representatives to attend the seminar.

For the first forum, the topic was THE IMPORTANCE OF EARLY CAREER PLANNING.

The speakers for the first forum were

  1. Dr. Firdaus Mukhtar
  2. Tn. Hj. Azman Mohd Hussein
  3. Pn. Hjh. Kamaliah Abu

Among the advice and reminders given to us is : 
  • Work hard
  • Cope with stress
  • Be close to Allah
Besides that, when we are applying for a job, we have to remember that candidates are short-listed based on CGPA and also a student's performance during their interview. So, in order to be among the candidates that are short-listed, we have to start from now by improving our grade as well as perfecting our soft skills. In an interview, we are to bear in mind that we have to convince our future employer why they should choose us to fill in a specific position. 
Furthermore, we should start now and wonder about what exactly we want to do in the future. Some of us are still not sure which way they are heading. So, use this 4 years wisely. Find out what you are capable of, and what suits you the most so that you can make a good choice.
  As students, we have still a lot to learn, we have the time to explore, to search and take whatever opportunity  in front of us. Just Do It. Try out new things, find out more about yourself and what you can achieve for yourself and others. Be open minded and together with friends, optimize our capabilities and talents. Most graduates lack self-confidence. Confidence is very important and it comes with knowledge. You can gain confidence by trying. Try to take the opportunity, try to face your fears.
In the second forum the speakers were

  1. En. Putra Murwan Shah
  2. En. Wahizan Abd Rahman
  3. En. Madzlan Mohd. Hussain
In the second forum, the speakers stressed on the importance of being a holistic graduate. This means that, you need to balance your studies with extra co-curricular activities that will help you in being a holistic graduate. as a graduate u have to be balanced in terms of physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. We should be open minded and think of ways to contribute. We have to learn how to adapt ourselves in different environments and different people.

In a nutshell, we have to re-evaluate ourselves wether or not we are ready to graduate. before we graduate, we must prepare ourselves and make sure we are ready with the knowledge and skills that today's working environment needs.


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